Why LifeSciencesLink

LifeSciencesLink identifies partners in life sciences product development. Sector, faculty, and regional barriers are overcome by offering an easy to use access to specific search profiles and expertise. This service is offered for companies as well as non-profit, academic, and governmental entities worldwide.

LifeSciencesLink complements established ways in partnering by

  • identifying product searches and offers
  • categorizing profiles according to technology, indication, use and stage of development
  • matching profiles according to categories
  • informing registered users about profiles with specific fit

LifeSciencesLink is an open worldwide community of business development and technology transfer professionals. Well structured although flexible data processing allows to deliver comprehensive but focused information in the way our users choose to receive it.

Technology Searches as well as Technology Offers are shown online. Profiles in all sections can be filtered according to categories or searched in a full text mode. A link supplied with any profile allows direct communication.

Additional online sections include:

Know How  & Services

a list of service profiles e.g. from technology transfer offices

All our services are offered for free. There is no subscription or success fee. The follow-on process is not part of our service but left to the people directly involved. Please feel free to register in order to add your content you would like to see at www.lifescienceslink.org.


Who we are

The Herbert-Worch-Foundation was founded in 1997 in order to support medical and life sciences research. We identified the need for the effective partnering of technologies and developed www.LifeSciencesLink.org as a tool for the efficient identification of potential partners. By connecting academia, small businesses, biotech, and the pharmaceutical industry, the Foundation expects to accelerate the development of new products for unmet or poorly met needs e.g. in medicine.

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