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animal medical imaging services

Organization name

Voxcan s.a.r.l.


Founded in April 2007, V O X C A N is a company specialized in animal medical imaging services offering pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies as well as academic laboratories the opportunity to realize preclinical or research studies in fields such as bone and cartilage diseases, cardio-vascular and respiratory diseases, oncology and some metabolic diseases (obesity).

Thanks to its technical platform located within the Claude Bourgelat Institute's animal housing facility (National School of Veterinary Medicine, Lyon - France) and to the expertize of its team, V O X C A N proposes pre-formated or made-to-order services on animal models ranging from mouse to pig while maintaining the sanitary status of the animals.

Realized through GLP validated protocols, those studies provide you with an optimal quantification of your biological parameters (through 3D analysis, longitudinal follow-up, ...). Moreover, they give you the opportunity to obtain ethical and financial profit through a drastic reduction of the number of animals and of the time needed for their realization.


  • X-Ray Computed Tomography gives 3-dimensional images of the densest tissues of an organism with or without injection of a contrast agent.         
  • X-ray scanners (CT and ยต-CT) to perform image acquisition on all animal model whatever its size from mouse to pig,    
  • Gaseous anaesthesia systems as well as animal handling systems to maintain the animal sanitary status,    
  • A strong computing architecture to perform image processing and securised data storage.

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