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Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH technology transfer office of Bavarian universities

Organization name

Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH


The Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH is the central patent and marketing agency of 28 Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences and, as such, the link between science and industry. They evaluate and market the inventions of more than 17,000 scientists in Bavaria. They thus support the inventors in protecting their invention and then using it commercially. They provide industry with unique access to the largest technology pool in Bavaria.

service for inventors

  • Evaluation of inventions with the aid of comprehensive market and technology research
  • Proprietary protection of inventions, including patenting
  • Marketing of inventions
  • Achieving financial benefits for universities and inventors

service for industry

  • Central access to the technology pool of 28 Bavarian universities
  • Innovative technologies in the fields of Life Sciences and Physical Sciences
  • Licensing and transfer of patents
  • Fast, pragmatic and unbureaucratic collaboration

Their interdisciplinary team of experienced scientists, engineers, business administrators and attorneys makes them one of Europe’s largest patent and marketing agencies. They have a broad spectrum of marketable inventions based on numerous patent families at their disposal.

They bundle the research capacities of 28 Bavarian universities and have the results of proprietary and licensable scientific research from the areas of life sciences and engineering at their disposal, including:

Life Sciences

  • Biotechnology: Plant biotechnology, red and white biotechnology
  • Bioprocess engineering: Bioreactors, laboratory technology, reaction technology
  • Chemicals and catalysts: Fine chemicals (e.g. enzymes, reagents), high-tech chemicals
  • Organisms: Microorganisms, transgenic organisms, cell cultures
  • Pharmacology and medicine: Diagnostics, human medicine (e.g. immunology, oncology), molecular biology (e.g. genetic engineering, virology), therapy systems, veterinary medicine

Physical Sciences

  • Alternative energy technology
  • Electrical engineering: Electrical appliances, semiconductors
  • Information and communication technology: Hardware, software
  • Mechanical engineering: Aerospace, automotive
  • Medical engineering: Diagnostics, implants (surgical, trauma), instruments
  • Metrology: Optoelectronics, test engineering, sensor technology 
  • Production and process engineering: Handling technology, welding processes 

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