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BMBF funded research projects - search engine

Organization name

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung


Data on over 90,000 research projects is collected in the publicly accessible databases of the BMBF. This is the most comprehensive source for inquiries in the German research environment on what kind of research the laboratories do with public funds, who does or has recently done research on which topics and which results these projects delivered.

Project documentation online

The data on project funding, which is documented in the BMBF funding catalogue, is accessible to everyone. The catalogue provides data on all current and recently concluded projects – all in all over 90,000 projects.

Starting from the individual projects, a mouse click brings you to the project reports with the results of the related projects. All project reports on BMBF projects can be searched in the database of the German National Library of Science and Technology TIB Hanover, which includes about 7 million datasets on titles. For some time now, these reports have also been provided as PDF files.

Institutional funding takes place more frequently under the responsibility of the funding institutions. Their research work is accessible via the BMBF search engine The forschungsportal only provides material of servers of government-funded science organizations. About 20,000 web servers are currently included.

Knowing what - knowing how

The search within project funding and institutional funding has not been interlinked yet. A comprehensive overview is therefore currently only provided by searching in the database "Förderkatalog" as well as with the "" search engine.

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