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Cardiovascular, metabolic, cancer and CNS research

Organization name

Max Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin, Neuro-Proteomics Research Group (NPRG) MDC


The MDC has entered an alliance with Ascenion GmbH for the commercial exploitation of the MDC's intellectual property assets. Ascenion is a patent management agency with a clear life-science focus and one of the very few agencies in Germany with a critical mass in this field. Ascenion currently manages around 400 patent families from different research institutions.

Ascenion has an on-site office at the MDC and MDC employees can directly contact. Together with Ascenion's team at its Munich headquarters, they develop tailored strategies for an optimal protection and commercialisation of the IP assets, market them to industry and mediate fair licence agreements. If a new company is to be set up based on new patent-protected technologies, Ascenion stands by the company's founders on the road to independence, and arranges contacts with specialist investors in the life-science sector.

Ascenion acts as a fair mediator in this technology transfer process. The MDC retains the rights to its intellectual property and is contracting partner of the respective licensees. It retains freedom of decision and can give preference to a non-commercial exploitation of its technologies, materials or know-how - for example via exchanges with other scientists, workshops, etc.

More information is available online at the link given above.

from 04.2006

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