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cellnet - Networking in Regenerative Medicine

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CellNet.Org is a university initiative, financed by the city Berlin and the Humboldt University. They aim to build up a multi-disciplinary network focusing on the field of Regenerative Medicine, providing internet pages with a "Who´s who in Regenerative Medicine"; and intranet offers for participants in EU projects. They are specifically interested in cooperation of Integrated Projects and Networks of Excellence and they offer Dissemination tools.

They are an integrative part of the "Intercontinental Collaborative Network for Regenerative Medicine", constituted by the Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative (PTEI, US), the Kansai Tissue Engineering Initiative (KTI, Japan) and the Regenerative Medicine Initiative Germany (RMIG, Germany).

General aim of CellNet.Org is to foster cooperation between universities, research centers, enterprises, including SMEs, and science and technology organizations. They promote research networking, push for the advancement ofclinical studies and education programs for specialists in the field, support economic activities and the commercialization of developments in the area of Regenerative Medicine, and share the knowledge gathered with the public.

CellNet.Org is currently setting up a dissemination portal for EU projects in the field of Regenerative Medicine, including stem cell research and tissue engineering. They will offer online services for sharing scientific knowledge: project presentations, organization of project meetings, internal project communication, public relations, education and training.

The main benefits of their structurally horizontal approach lie in the global presentation and exchange of information on European projects to establish and sustain the field of Regenerative Medicine in the European region. At project level they will enhance the efficiency of communication and improve the impact of publications.

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