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Drug Delivery at Celares GmbH

Organization name

Celares GmbH


celares GmbH has outstanding technical know-how in the fields of synthetic chemistry, biotechnology and bioanalytics which is complemented by a high level of expertise and many years of experience in the areas of polymer materials, modified protein drugs and PEGylation.

The technological basis of the CelaSYS product line developed by celares GmbH (patent pending) is the so-called PEGylation method, in which the biopharmaceutical drug is coupled with polyethylene glycol (PEG). Whereas in traditional PEGylation chain-like structures are attached to the drug molecule, celares GmbH uses branched PEG structures which cover the drug molecule almost completely, thus shielding it effectively against premature degradation by antibodies and endogenous enzymes. With the help of these masking reagents, the drug can withstand attacks by the immune system and enzymatic degradation processes, reach its destination unimpeded and exert its therapeutic effect efficiently.

The outstanding growth of the pharmaceutical biotechnology industry means new challenges for classical pharmaceutical companies. A large number of pharmaceutical companies are competing for only a few innovative technologies and products in this sector. Especially big companies often lack the capability and flexibility to develop the necessary technological know-how for the formulation of biopharmaceuticals within the company.

Celares GmbH is a young drug delivery company which provides special solutions for these problems. We develop and produce new, biocompatible, polyethylene glycol based drug delivery systems. The goal of celares GmbH is the sustained enhancement of therapeutic possibilities and the improvement of pharmacological properties of already approved or new biopharmaceuticals.

The application of the formulation systems of celares GmbH opens up new and expanded possibilities for the delivery of drugs. The offer of celares GmbH is addressed especially to drug developers and drug manufacturers. Through flexibility, know-how, and high quality we will solve the customer's problems related to the application of biopharmaceuticals.

Celares GmbH combines several years of chemical and biotechnological experience within the company and offers customers the possibility to acquire forward-looking technology at a reasonable cost. Within the framework of contract developments we will optimize polyethylene glycol based formulations especially for your drug component.

Celares GmbH is an independent company and guarantees the complete confidentiality a pharmaceutical company depends on. The focus of our work is the customer's profit through our know-how!

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