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EZN - Inventors’ Centre of Northern Germany, Technology Transfer office

Organization name

Erfinderzentrum Nordeutschland GmbH (EZN)


Data And Facts

EZN is the abbreviation for the German name of Erfinderzentrum Norddeutschland (Inventors’ Centre of Northern Germany) and our name is programme. In the area of securing intellectual property rights and their conversion EZN is a leading and really independent and thus objective supplier Germany wide.

EZN was founded in 1981 on initiative of the Lower Saxonian Ministry of Economics as a project, leader of the project was the Fraunhofer Society. Since 1986 EZN has been a GmbH (Private Limited Company, PLC), all shareholders are members of EZN.

Until to date, EZN has carried out approximately 50,000 consultations, evaluated 15.000 invention proposals and supported and accompanied 1.500 patent applications. Many hundreds of million Euros have been the result of the exploitation of these patents

Everything to Realize Your Ideas

EZN advises

From the beginning EZN is at your side as a coach. You concentrate on your idea, we take care of everything around it: protection of intellectual property rights (patent, trade mark, utility model, design-patent), possibilities of financial promotion, realizing of the invention, commercialization.

EZN evaluates

The EZN evaluation programme consists of five items to evaluate your invention: We look at your invention from all possible perspectives, and during intensive interviews we ask for physical correctness, technical realization, value of the invention, technical and economical advantages as well as entrepreneurial commercialization. Thus, we evaluate the risks of a commercialization, and we weigh up whether investments for your invention are worth while. You will receive our results in writing.

EZN protects

If an idea does not only exist in mind, it will have to be properly protected. EZN arranges everything necessary so that the inventor can fully concentrate on his work. In cooperation with patent attorneys we care about security of national and international intellectual property rights, and we accompany all patent procedures. From communication to invoice controlling everything goes via EZN. Secrecy agreements are obligatory, because your idea shall remain your idea.

EZN markets

Application procedures often last several years. There is no time to loose, so EZN supports you in conversion and commercialization from the very beginning. We use all relevant opportunities for that: from the initiating of development projects to presentation at exhibitions. Prototypes and technology descriptions thoroughly explain the invention.

EZN supports

We know exactly what can be supported and where there are financial helps. EZN takes over the complete financial supports and cares about the optimal support.

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