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Government of Catalonia Technology Transfer Services - EEN Catalonia

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The innovation capacity of a region depends on the efforts aimed at the creation of new products and processes and on the interaction of different agents, particularly enterprises, public and private research centres, universities and public administrations integrated in the innovation system.

For this reason, from the Ministry of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Government of Catalonia, and specially from the ACC1Ó|CIDEM1COPCA, we are working to boost both an increase of the efforts in R+D+I and the relationship between different agents of the innovation system.

The mission of the ACC1Ó|CIDEM|COPCA is to boost the innovation of companies as a way to increase their competitiveness.

In order to face up to all these challenges, the CIDEM has developed an Action Plan 2007-2008 organized around three strategic guidelines:

  • Promotion of innovation: to increase the innovation capacity of companies offering support to the starting-up of R&D&I projects.
  • Boost of the technological market: to boost, generate, increase and transfer an excellent technological offer, by means of managing a systemic model of technological transfer in Catalonia.
  • Support to innovative environments: to have specific tools of sectorial and territorial public policy to promote innovation dynamics.

The department of Technology Transfer (through EEN network) takes charge of all actions and instruments aimed at creating a dynamic and interdependent system of science technology and enterprise, especially regarding the creation of interface structures in order to facilitate the transfer of technology on the market and the companies' subcontracting of technology in research centers. 

About EEN

The European Enterprise Network was launched in 2008 by the European Comission. It builds on the former Innovation Relay Centers and offers a broad range of services for European SMEs. The Enterprise Europe Network is made up of close to 600 partner organisations in more than 40 countries, promoting competitiveness and innovation at the local level in Europe and beyond. They cover the EU and have correspondence centers e.g. in Switzerland and the US.

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