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INGENOtyping - the world´s fastest and most comprehensive platform for the production of genetic mouse models

Organization name

Ingenium AG


Ingenium Pharmaceuticals AG was founded 1998 as a spin-off from the German Human Genome Project, one of the world´s largest efforts for biology-based gene discovery and functional genome analysis. Based on its extensive knowledge in mouse genetics, Ingenium has developed the INGENOtyping® technology. In 2007 Probiodrug AG, an integrated drug development company, acquired Ingenium Pharmaceuticals AG.

Fast delivery of knockouts or mouse models with other gene alterations

Ingenium Pharmaceuticals has established the world´s most comprehensive murine model library. The INGENOtyping® library encompasses over 300,000 unique mouse models each one carrying a gene-specific alteration. The models harboring the target gene specific mutation are easily identified by reliable screening technologies.

The advantage of the INGENOtyping® technology is that genetic mouse model production starts with pre-made mutations in the murine germline, which were generated by Ingenium´s patented chemical mutagenesis procedure. All models are stored as sperm cells and revitalization is done via in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is fast and reliable and circumvents the use of sophisticated ES cell manipulation and chimera production known from standard technologies.  

Generation of a mouse model is a simple Two-step Process

Confirm the specific mouse model in less than one month through rapid screening of our DNA library, which corresponds to the stored sperms from the mutant models. The selected model is then produced through IVF at The Jackson Laboratory. Several heterozygous founder animals are shippable within three months. Based on this unique resource, Ingenium´s patented INGENOtyping® technology provides the most rapid access to murine models with target gene-specific alterations ranging from knockouts to more subtle gene variants.

For additional information please contact

Dr. Reinhard Sedlmeier

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