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Knowledge Express - online IP information service for the business development industry

Organization name

UTEK Corporation


UTEK has created a unique information tool, combining premier business development resources with expert search, and report generation functionality. As a result, they provide since 1991 the ability to efficiently deliver a reliable, powerful, and comprehensive information service to individuals, departments, and global organizations.

Key features and benefits:

- Quick Search: faster results, and fewer searches

- Advanced Search Options: pinpoint accuracy, filtered results

- Mailing Lists: Marketing power, licensing opportunities

- Download Records: maintain information, manage data

- Technology Submission: license revenue, no fees

- e-Mail Alerts: stay informed, less searching

- Customer Support: free training, fast answers

- Subscription Pricing: cost effective, low annual fee

They constantly add new proprietary databases covering licensing opportunities, company profiles, royalty rates and contract details, domestic and international patents and applications, drug development pipeline, clinical trial results, industry news and market intelligence. Every resource is uniquely formatted with load date, content producer’s name, number of records and unique search fields. In addition, Knowledge Express has the competitive advantage of industry experience, marquis databases, and top-tier service partners covering every aspect of business development and technology transfer.

Further information can be found at the URL given below and at (Technology Transfer/Technologies Sought).

from 11.2066

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