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Spots-On-Dots Microarray Platform

Organization name

Primorigen Biosciences


Primorigen Biosciences is an emerging life science technologies company that is developing novel biomarker profiling tools, specializing in matched-pair antibodies and multiplexed microarrays to support stem cell and regenerative medicine research.

A significant competitive advantage is Primorigen's patent-pending Spots-On-Dots™ frameless microarray which enables simultaneous screening and counter-screening at a micro-scale and supports a wide range of multiplexed applications from biomarker analysis to antibody characterization. Spots-On-Dots™ features a grid of nitrocellulose dots on a hydrophobic substrate (thereby eliminating the need for frames) and offers substantially lower microarray costs, increased assay versatility, multiplex capability on each dot, and flexible readout (colorimetric and chemiluminescent) while greatly reducing the sample and reagent consumption.

Primorigen Biosciences is currently developing matched-pair antibodies and microarray assays for multiplexed characterization of biomarkers indicative of stem cell pluripotency, early germ layer commitment, pancreatic β-cell differentiation and development, and Islets of Langerhans endocrine function. Additional assays targeted towards cardiac and neuronal lineages are currently in development. 

Finally, Primorigen is aggressively seeking to expand the breadth of assay offerings through a combination of internal R&D, in-licensing, and partnerships.

Preferred relationships include in-licensing and/or co-development of:

  • matched-pair antibodies ankyrins and other antibody mimics
  • novel multiplexed protein analysis platforms
  • novel protein detection technology
  • establishing distribution or OEM relationships with companies that have kits or individual products for characterizing/quantitating total protein, DNA, etc.

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