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Study Group Profiling

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Chimera Biotec



Biomarkers are widely used by pharmaceutical companies for numerous issues and applications. For clinical studies most suitable patients for a given therapy have to be identified. Prognostic biomarkers help to identify individuals with a likely course of a given disease if remained untreated and they offer the possibility to rank disease levels in clinically relevant groups.

Facing the fact that most technologies show decreased sensitivity in ligand binding assays, the larger part of potential patients for a given study will perish due to undetected biomarker concentrations.

Our Offer:

Ultra sensitive patient profiling with the Imperacer® technology (based on immunoPCR) will provide reliable biomarker concentration profiles of each tested individual.

Potential test persons can be place to distinct test groups according to their prognostic biomarker profile.

Endogenous baseline concentrations of prognostic biomarkers received from healthy controls will become available.

The clinical study can extend the data collection to drug response upon change of prognostic biomarker concentration in patients back to baseline levels.

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