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Technology assessment and partnering offered by Trillium Medical Ventures

Organization name

Trillium Medical Ventures


Trillium Medical Ventures LLC, a bio science technology assessment firm founded in 1998, evaluates life science intellectual property and technology with the objective of identifying unique and valuable life science investment and product development opportunities.

Trillium has extensive experience in the identification and analysis of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical intellectual-property licensing opportunities at all stages of the drug-development cycle, from basic research to regional and worldwide clinical development.

The Team is made up of pharmaceutically-trained life science professionals with decades of industry experience encompassing drug discovery and product development, life sciences start-up investing and intellectual property evaluation.

The Trillium Team´s experience in life sciences truly spans from the "research bench to the pharmacy shelf" and allows us to provide expert services in the following areas: 

  • Technology Search, Evaluation, Aquisition and Investment
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Investment Advisory Services

Life Sciences Technology Search, Evaluation, Acquisition and Investment

The Trillium Team has the background, expertise and hands-on experience to find and evaluate early stage, life science technologies for future commercial potential. In order to find the break-through, innovative, and cutting-edge technologies, the principals of Trillium have developed relationships with medical schools, research facilities, and individuals who discover and/or create new medical technologies in the pre-seed, seed, and start-up stages. These relationships afford Trillium the opportunity to find, evaluate and obtain or lock-up newly discovered technologies, often before other potentially interested parties learn of the opportunities. The Team´s access to pre-seed-stage opportunities through their direct university affiliations provides a competitive advantage in its targeted segment of life science search, evaluation, acquisition and investment.

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