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Technology offers from Patent Agency Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH

Organization name

ESA PVA Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH


The Patent Agency Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH was founded in 2001 and employs 6 people.

ESA Patent Agency focuses on:

  • Sensitization of enterprises in the field of property rights activities
  • Investigations to the state of art on research and development
    • Patent searches and market researches 
  • Verification of the patentability of inventions 
    • Strategies on innovations and patentability
    • Coordination of registration and enforcement of property rights in Germany and abroad 
  • Marketing aids for business of innovative solutions 
    • Analysis of marketing opportunities 
    • Acquisition of prospects on licences or buyers
    • Contract negotiations and controlling contracts

The additional substantial work on the network is charaterized by an increased research and development. By the implementation of the ESA Patent Agency GmbH the important field of property right is ensured with the new and current joint development activities in the network. The required service offer is described as a foresaid and can be used very well in the interests on the further development of the network.

ESA Patent Agency is very well networked to the research facilities of the federal state and within Germany with the patent agencies. This network can be used for the purposes of technology transfer with new scientific and technical issues.  

Within the network the first phase led to the conclusion that within the network different topics are made available which have priority for achieving the economic objectives. By focussing the work on functional priorities and on providing of new products and therefore new services on the market, professional researches and decisions on protectability of the solutions are necessary.

They offer technology licenses in the field of

  • Mechanical engineering, Process technology & automation
  • Electrical engineering & electronics, Measurement technology & microsystems
  • Life Science, Medical technology & devices
  • Energy & environment, Materials
  • Miscellaneous

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