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Technology Transfer Office of the Freiburg University (ZFT)

Organization name

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg


The Technology Transfer Office of the Freiburg University (ZFT) is the interface between the university medical centre and the university of Freiburg and the economy.

Their responsibility is to make the results of the research of the university medical centreand the university of Freiburgavailable and are interested in an active partnership with the companies.

They have more than 20 years experience. Their staff covers the areas of Natural sciences, engineering, law, business management and also humanities from. Occasionally they can rely on our external consultants. 

They are organized into the following departments or organisation units

Patent Office

The service of the Patent Office encloses:

  • Central point of contact for all employee invention from university and university medical centre of Freiburg
  • Inventor's consultation
  • The competent authority to register the invention disclosure in accordance with the German law about employee inventions
  • Patent applications
  • Out-licensing
  • Financial administration linked with expenses and inputs due to patents and licences

Contract Office

The service of the contract office enclose:

  • Consulting in planning and contract drafting of R&D projects with companies, like
    • R&D contracts
    • Scientific cooperations (i.e. collaborative research projects)
    • Support of own research
    • Donfidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA) and
    • Material Transer Agreement (MTA)  
  • Intellectual property rights (previously established rights, new rights, inventions)

Founders Office

  • start-up
  • corporate planning, business plan
  • business game
  • renting of university capabilities (rooms, equipment)
  • supporting measures
  • events


  • Chemistry
  • Life Sciences 
  • Medical engineering
  • Sensor and measurement technique
  • Software licenses

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