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Technology transfer office of the State of Hamburg University

Organization name

Hamburg Innovation GmbH


AWiTT is a central office of the University of Hamburg. It is responsible for organizing and promoting information and technology transfer. The office functions as a liason between the university and all areas of practical application, providing contact to scientists and scholars as well as initiating cooperation projects. Here you will find access to the research potential at the university, especially for smaller and medium-size businesses. This is the office to contact to engage the university's services in the areas of research, development and investigation.

The AWiTT office has been able to gather comprehensive knowledge in all areas of information and technology transfer in the past years. The participation of the university in technology exhibitions, in carrying out transfer seminars and workshops, in establishing transfer accounts in the university budget as well as in the "marketing" of know-how from the university are attributed to the initiatives of AWiTT and are meanwhile recognized as achievements without which information transfer at the university would not be possible.

Services for Businesses and other Organizations:

- Acquiring information materials about research and development

- Delivering information about technological services for the business world in the form of new research and development findings, process development, technical problem-solving, measurement and analysis equipment and practice-oriented services

- Arranging for scientists/scholars as lecturers, evaluators and advisors

- Making available Diplom-theses for questions arising from practical experience - Advising businesses in contacting institutes, departments and academic personnel

- Offering services within the scope of technology transfer

- Advising in the planning of cooperation projects

- Offering assistance to existing cooperation projects

- Arranging contacts to sponsors in cooperation projects

- Organizing seminars, visits at institutes, business contact meetings for the purpose of introducing new research findings and sharing ideas

More information is available online at the link given above.

from 03.2006

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