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Technology Transfer Office Zentrale für Produktivität und Technologie Saar e. V. ZPT

Organization name

Zentrale für Produktivität und Technologie e.V.


The Zentrale für Produktivität und Technologie Saar e. V. offers a wide range of services to support enterprises from the Saarland in promoting their competitiveness and innovation as well as tapping new sales market. The ZPT is supported and financed in particular by the Ministry of Economics and Science and the Chamber of Economics, Labour, Energy and Transport of the Saarland. Under the ZPT's roof, you will find the enterprise europe network and a Patent Information Centre. The comprehensive services the ZPT provides for the Saarland Industry in terms of advice, training, transfer of technology and promotion of innovation, are mainly aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises to help them improve their competitiveness and develop new products and processes.

The ZPT offers SMEs information and advice in the field of "innovation" and "research and development" to increase innovation and competitiveness. We support the development and introduction of new technologies, processes, organizational structures and services at different levels of the innovation process.

In the areas of innovation, technology and funding advice, we offer the following services:

  • Awareness regarding innovation and innovation management
  • Analysis of the innovation process in your business and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Search and placement activities
    • Know-how
    • Experts
    • Troubleshooting
    • Partners
  • Assistance in assessing the market potential and technical feasibility of ideas
  • Assistance in the search for funding and financing instruments
  • Advice and support in applying for funding
  • Provide information about the ways to protect intellectual property
  • Support at launch
  • Contact manufacture and placement of cooperation between business and science

New is the intensive supervision of firms to implement their innovation projects. This is made possible by additional funds that the ZPT by the Saarland Ministry of Economics and Science and the European Union (ERDF) program to be made available.

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