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Organization name

PROvendis GmbH


Cerebral aneurysms are a life-threatening medical event. They are often asymptomatic and are only detect as an incidental finding, e.g. during MRT of the head due to other medical indications. The rupture of the aneurysm and the consequent bleeding into the brain is the decisive health event. Half of the patients with an aneurysm rupture die, whereas almost every surviving patient has irreversible fatal brain damage leading to severe neurological deficits.

The standard operation procedure on a detected cerebral aneurysm is the catheter-based filling of the cavity with so-called embolization coils, in order to provoke thrombocyte aggregation that leads to a plaque and closes the cavity. The coils that are currently in use have a spiral shape. Depending on the aneurysm size, a large number of coils is necessary, which, in addition to increased costs, also leads to an extension of the intervention time and thus to an increased risk for the patent.

The invention comprises a deformable coil, which is coated by fibers (figure A). The coil can either be elastic and deformed in length (figure B) or be inelastic and deformed in shape (figure C). In either embodiment, the coating fibers lead to a swelling of the entire device, covering a manifold higher volume than the coil alone.

Competitive Advantages

  • reduction of coils by using a self-expanding textile structure
  • efficient filling of aneurysmatic cavities
  • high volume coverage
  • lower surgical risk and higher success rate due to the introduction of less devices

Commercial Opportunities

The costs for each coil are around $1,000, and the embolization coil market is expected to reach over $1 billion by 2023 from $639.3 million in 2013.

The invention is offered for licensing and further co development in collaboration with the researchers.

Current Status

Prototypes have Prototypes have been produced and will soon be tested in an animal model. In case of interest, we will be pleased to inform you about the patent status.

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