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Imperacer® - the solution for ultra sensitive analyte detection

Organization name

Chimera Biotec


Company Profile

Chimera Biotec develops and markets solutions for bio-analytical assays based on Imperacer®, an innovative assay system for ultra-sensitive analyte detection.


Chimera Biotec’s Imperacer® technology is based on the Immuno-PCR method. Immuno-PCR combines the well-established ELISA methodology with the signal amplification power of the PCR. As a consequence, not only does Immuno-PCR lead to an approx. 100 to 1000-fold gain in sensitivity compared to conventional ELISA.


You are searching for an immunoassay technology with

  • 1000-fold increased sensitivity
  • drastically reduces "hook-effect"
  • sample volume on micro liter scale
  • minimized sample effects
  • high drug tolarance

Contact us and we will develop your solution ccording to your needs and aspirtion

Your Benefits

Since 2004 more than 25 drug developers world wide have used Imperacer® custom assay development and bio-analytical services in almost 300 projects with a success rate better than 95%.

Imperacer® is fully project driven and 100% customer oriented. We develop, validate and manufacture your customized ultra sensitive Immunoassay.

If you need more information or want to discuss your challenge, please contact us.

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