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SymphoGen is seeking opportunities in antibodies, infectious diseases, cancer and allergy

Organization name

SymphoGen A/S


Symphogen is the leader in developing recombinant antibodies mixture, a new class of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment or prophylaxis of serious human diseases. Symphogen is developing rpAb product candidates for therapeutic areas where there is the highest potential to make a significant impact, either by treating diseases that have not successfully been pursued or by providing improved prophylactic or therapeutic options over current drugs. Recombinant pAb therapies may confer greater efficacy, safety and convenience due to their ability to capture the features of the natural human immune response, making them a potentially more attractive treatment option.

Recombinant antibodies mixture hold promise for a range of therapeutic applications. The areas that Symphogen is focusing its drug discovery and development efforts on are the replacement of plasma-derived immunoglobulins, prevention or treatment of infectious disease, and treatment of cancer.

Partnering and Licensing Opportunities

Symphogen is maturing a pipeline of recombinant antibody products within hematology, infectious disease and oncology on its own and together with partners. Oncology, in particular, has become a focus for Symphogen due to the remarkable results its team of scientists has achieved in a field of great medical need, and the company continues to strengthen its oncology activities through partnerships and acquisitions.

For indications outside oncology, Symphogen is also actively seeking value-adding collaborative partnerships with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to enhance the commercialization opportunities for its other pipeline products and to leverage the potential of the company’s proprietary antibody technologies and strong antibody capabilities.

Symphogen has developed into a mature late-stage company through a united and committed effort from many people within and outside the company including the company’s partners. Symphogen’s technologies and expertise within the antibody field have in the process been validated through its corporate partnerships with pharmaceutical companies in the US, Europe, and Japan.

Advantages of partnering with Symphogen:

  1. Partners can access unique technology for generation of antibodies, which are superior in many ways to those generated by competing platforms. 
  2. Symphogen’s partnering strategy is flexible; the company is interested in discussing funded collaborations as well as shared risk (co-development) relationships. 
  3. Symphogen’s proprietary discovery engine, Symplex™, is available for licensing to companies seeking a strong antibody discovery tool for therapeutic and diagnostic applications.
  4. Symphogen’s proprietary polyclonal manufacturing platform, Sympress™, is available for licensing to companies looking to, cost-efficiently and reproducibly, produce recombinant polyclonal products or mixtures of monoclonal antibodies.
  5. Symphogen has a dominant, long-term IP position for its antibody discovery, manufacturing, and characterization platforms.

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