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Antenna assembly for ultra high field MRI (P-978)

Organization name

DKFZ Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum


Key Facts

  • Body Coil for Ultra High Field MRI
  • Travelling Wave Principle
  • Prototype tested successfully


Ultra High Field magnetic resonance imaging with conventional resonating coils poses disadvantages and patient risks associated with insufficient and inhomogeneous excitation, high global SAR and hot spots. The well known travelling wave excitation with patch antennas uses the main magnet bore as a waveguide. Despite their low efficiency due to the one-pass concept these designs cause high energy deposition in the area of head and shoulders or at the lower extremities, depending on the respective wave entry point.


The DKFZ inventor designed an antenna assembly for ultra high field MRI. This design is characterized by a novel multi-pass travelling wave concept which concentrates the excitation energy to the volume to be examined using well known principles to generate a homogeneous excitation profile with increased efficiency.

Development Stage

The principle was simulated and the coil realized as a prototype and has been tested successfully in pilot studies.

Applications and Commercial Opportunity

The technology can be used for developing and distribution of a new generation of travelling wave coils. The technology provides a solution to the hotspot problem of MRT at high fields.


  • Travelling wave, therefore no standing wave phenomena
  • Multi-pass coil for increased efficiency
  • Easily combined with receive arrays


The invention was conceived by Dr. Reiner Umathum, Department of Medicinal Physics in Radiology (DKFZ, E020).

Intellectual Property

A patent application EP 11 165 140.2 “Antenna assembly for ultra-high field MRI” has been filed May 6, 2011 at the European Patent Office (EPA).

Further Information

No other public information is currently available, but further information (talking to the inventor) is available under a signed Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA).

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