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AVOIT - AVOid Inapropriate ICD-Therapies

Organization name

MBM ScienceBridge GmbH


AVOIT is a device for patients self-determination of implanted cardioverter-defibrillators (ICD) therapy delivery. Depending on symptoms of the patient, he can decide himself to abort or delay an imminent ICD-therapy and thereby effectively prevent inappropriate ICD therapies.


Implanted cardioverter-defibrillators (ICD) are used for the therapy of heart insufficiency. The ICD usually monitors and selects the required electric stimulation or shock therapy. However, inappropriate ICD and s-ICD therapies produce severe pain with psychological consequences and are associated with a higher risk of mortality (e.g. MADIT-RIT study).

In daily practice sustained ventricular arrhythmias are only treated immediately, when symptoms (e.g. impaired hemodynamics, loss of consciousness) are present. Nevertheless, clinical trials showed inappropriate ICD-therapies in up to 25% of the patients.

In these false positive cases these patients are still feeling well. Thus, if they could block or delay the ICD-therapy it would reduce inappropriate ICD-therapies and thus increase patients quality of life and reduce their mortality risk.

Our Solution

A scientist at the University Medicine of Goettingen designed a controlling device named AVOIT "AVOid Inapropriate ICD-Therapies" to avoid inappropriate ICD-therapies. This device is linked to the implanted cardioverter-defibrillator and informs patients of an imminent ICD-therapy. Depending on the symptoms of the patient, he can decide himself to abort or delay ICD-therapy and thereby effectively prevent an inappropriate ICD therapy. Nevertheless, the ICD unit continues to monitor the health status of the patient. In case the health status deteriorates further or the patients looses consciousness, the ongoing monitoring would override patient feedback and enable an ICD-Therapy.


  • Better quality of life of patients using ICD.
  • Less severe pain due to inappropriate ICD therapies.
  • Less psychological consequences.
  • Lower mortality risk.


Use of AVOIT device by patients for their self-determination of implanted ICD-therapy delivery.

Developmental Status

Early development.

Patent Status

We filed international intellectual property rights. Applicant is University of Goettingen public law foundation, School of Medicine.

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