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Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Therapy of Pulmonary Hypertension offered by University of Frankfurt

Organization name

INNOVECTIS Gesellschaft für Innovations-Dienstleistungen mbH



The present invention relates to the use of biomarkers sFlt and PlGF for diagnosis, early recognition and risk stratification of pulmonary hypertension.


Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a serious progressive disease, which - if untreated - leads to death within few years. A characteristic of PH is an increasing blood pressure within pulmonary circulation which is linked to an progressive insufficiency of the right heart. So far, diagnosis of PH is based on echocardiography of the right heart as non-invasive method or on the biomarker BNP. Still recently, it has been shown that BNP is suitable to only a limited extent.


Scientists of the University Medical Schools of Frankfurt/Main and Giessen and from Kerckhoff-Klinik in Bad Nauheim performed a clinical trial involving 256 patients showing that biomarkers sFlt and PlGF are highly specific for diagnosis of PH. Patients with PH of different etiology (IPAH, APAH, PAH linked with COPD or fibrosis, CTEPH, PVAH) were included in this study. Hemodynamic parameters and blood levels of sFlt and PlGF have been observed over a period of one year. Statistical analysis showed a high test accuracy for diagnosis of sFlt and PlGF by using determined cut-off values. Meanwhile, the results of the initial study have been validated by a second trial.


Preferred is an immunologic test (ELISA) for the determination of blood level of sFlt and PlGF in patients. On the basis of blood level of sFlt and PlGF, diagnosis or monitoring of treatment or the risk for occurrence of PH is possible.

Customer Benefits

  • The novel biomarkers enable a diagnosis of PH with higher sensitivity and specificity than currently available biomarkers.
  • The novel biomarkers simplify early recognition and monitoring of treatment of PH. They might close the gap between echocardiography of the right heart as non-invasive method on the one hand and invasive methods on the other hand.

Project Status

A priority German patent application has been filed (DE 10 201 013 555). The PCT procedure was initiated (WO 2011/121075).

Owner of the patent application are University of Frankfurt am Main, University of Giessen and three free inventors.

Licensing or assignment of the technology is possible as well as cooperation for further development of the invention.

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