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BioNanoImplant - Optimized Osseointegration with bio-nanocoating

Organization name

PROvendis GmbH



Medical implants are widely being used in orthopaedics and in modern dentistry. While significant progress has been made to improve the production of implants using the most advanced materials and technologies, there is still need for additional strategies to improve and accelerate osseointegration. The improper integration of the implant material in the living bone can impair the healing process and limit the freedom of movement thereby rendering the implant useless.

The invention provides a multilayer bio-nanocoating to improve significantly the adhesion of osteoblasts to the implant. The applied bio-nano-coating is tightly connected to the implant and at the same time ensures flexibility of the molecular layers. Further the bio-nano-coating enables the native conformation of embedded molecules, e.g. of fibronectin. Data from animal models are available for dental applications. In summary, the invention comprises medicinal implants with biofunctional coating, which will greatly reduce the incidence of periimplantitis and other complications related to the insufficient adhesion of the tissue to the implant.

Competitive Advantages

  • Tight connection of the coating to the implant core
  • Flexibility of the biological matrix
  • Native conformation of embedded molecules
  • Optimised tissue adhesion

Commercial Opportunities

We offer a patent license as well as research collaboration with licensing option to innovative companies.

Current Status

A European patent has been granted. Samples of implants with multi-layer coating are available.

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