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Compound Screening Platform

Organization name

BOC Sciences


Disease models at molecular, cell and animal levels play critical roles in drug discovery. The biological activity of compounds sourced from chemical synthesis, natural products or biological molecules cannot be tested directly in the human body. The disease models which truthfully reflect the pathology of diseases serve effective and economical ways to explore the activity and corresponding mechanism of the compounds. Boc Sciences is applying more than 200 in vitro and in vivo bioassays of various disease models, including over 100 High-throughput screening (HTS) or high content screening (HCS) models, with the screening capacity reaching approximately 100,000 samples per day.

HTS is an innovative approach within the drug discovery paradigm that combines the application of multi-disciplinary knowledge with the integration of advanced technologies to expedite the identification and development of active molecules or "hits" into potential drug “leads” with desired therapeutic activity. Boc Sciences utilizes internationally validated HTS technologies, which have advantages such as the rapid detection of trace quantities with high sensitivity and accuracy. HTS decreases the amount of testing compound required such that only microgram quantities are needed, which permits certain natural products that are difficult to isolate and purify and for compounds that are difficult to synthesize to be assayed. Also compounds can be tested multiple times in different screening models, thereby increasing the probability of discovering new leads and drug candidates.

Boc Sciences also provide high content screening (HCS). HCS is based on automated high-resolution fluorescent microscopy imaging technology. It is a multi-parameter functional analysis system that can provide a large amount of biological information including cell growth, differentiation, migration, apoptosis, metabolic and signal transduction pathways. Insights from these information-rich analyses could help scientists to understand pharmacological and toxic properties of a lead compound at the early stage of discovery, thereby significantly improving the efficiency of candidate confirmation and resultant success rate of drug development.

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