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PROvendis GmbH



Dried blood spot (DBS)
 testing is a form of biosampling where blood samples are blotted and dried on filter paper. The DBS-cards can easily be shipped to an analytical laboratory and can be analyzed regarding the existence of drugs or other analytes in the blood using various methods. Thus, DBS-cards are commonly used for analyzing blood samples of athletes.

However, due to the lack of an adequate storage and shipping container, DBS-cards are stored and shipped under atmospheric conditions in plastic bags which may lead to deterioration of the samples, due to microbial growth, de-composition of proteins and particularly of the drugs on which the blood is to be tested.

The present invention provides a novel container which allows the secure and stable storage of DBS-cards. The device comprises an air-tight box which can be used to store DBS-cards under vacuum or an inert gas such as Nitrogen.

Additionally, a drying agent in the container prevents accumulation of humidity, thereby ensuring the safe storage of samples at room temperature or in the freezer. The storage of DBS-cards without oxygen and humidity enables to prevent any form of sample deterioration over a longer time period.

Furthermore, the container is equipped with a proof of originality. The container can only be opened by breaking the proof of originality, thereby making any tampering attempt visible immediately.

Thus, this novel container enables the reliable analysis of DBS-cards.

Commercial Opportunities

On behalf of the German Sport University Cologne, PROvendis offers access to rights for commercial use as well as the opportunity for further co-development.

Current Status

A prototype and experimental data are available. In case of interest we are pleased to inform you about the current patent status.

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