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Diagnostic assay for recent flavivirus infections: Zika, Dengue, Tick-borne encephalitis

Organization name

Medical University of Vienna


The assay detects IgM antibodies with high sensitivity and specificity and thus provides a means for the early serological diagnosis of flavivirus infections. It is based on an IgM-capture format and highly purifiedre combinant viral antigens, allowing the differentiation between infections with antigenically closely related flaviviruses like dengue and Zika viruses.The IgM-capture format is robust, can be easily standardized and readily adapted to existing diagnostic systems for antibody detection.


Flavivirus infections occur worldwide; e.g. dengue and Zika in tropical and subtropical regions, tick-borne encephalitis in large parts of Europe and Asia. The overlap of endemic regions and the similarity of symptoms underscore the importance of laboratory diagnostic differentiation between dengue and Zika virus infections. Since the time window for direct virus detection by PCR is limited, lying often before the occurrence of symptoms, IgM antibody detection is an essential tool for the diagnosis of recent flavivirus infections. Such assays are thus required in endemic regions as well as globally for verifying flavivirus infections in travelers.


The diagnostic assay is based on an IgM-capture format and highly purified recombinant viral antigens. It detects antibodies from patient samples and differentiates between infections with antigenically closely related flaviviruses like dengue and Zika viruses or the 4 dengue serotypes.


  • High specificity and sensitivity
  • Differentiation between dengue and Zika virus infections
  • Pure components facilitate production and standardization
  • Readily adaptable to existing assay systems
  • Global market
  • Easy to use for diagnostic laboratories

Available for

  • License agreement
  • Development partnership

Development Status

Assay established in research and routine diagnostic lab

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