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Diagnostic method for the determination of cardiovascular functionality of specific progenitor cells

Organization name

INNOVECTIS Gesellschaft für Innovations-Dienstleistungen mbH



Post-infarct heart failure is one of the major causes of death in Germany. The transplantation of specific stem and progenitor cells isolated from bone marrow or blood are used to help regenerate damaged heart muscle tissue after infarction. This cell therapy is a new option to enhance or regenerate the cardiac function in ischemic diseases. Precondition for a successful therapy is a preferably high functionality of the transplanted stem or progenitor cells, i.e. their ability to settle in the area of infarction and regenerate new blood vessels.

The inventive method allows the isolation of specific progenitor cells from bone marrow or blood of the donator and patient respectively by characteristic cell surface markers. The cardiovascular functionality of those cells is examined in vitro by their ability to migrate in direction of physiological messengers. Hence, the identification of progenitor cells suitable for transplantation is possible by means of their high migratory capacity and therefore high potential to migrate towards the area of infarction. Those cells are able to enhance the neo-vascularisation in that area. On the other hand the method enables the exclusion of progenitor cells for possible cell therapy when their transplantation has low chances of success.

The migratory capacity of stem and progenitor cells is moreover suitable as a diagnostic marker for the identification of risk patients since a reduced migration ability of the cells indicates the presence of a coronary heart disease.

Key features

With assistance of the inventive method patients can be identified showing low capacity of neo-vascularisation of their stem and progenitor cells which would weaken the success of cell therapy. At the same time the method identifies patients with increased infarct risk. In both cases an ulterior medical assistance can efficiently and precisely be applied.

The method enhances the diagnostic and therapeutic care of patients with coronary heart diseases.

In addition, the costs of medical assistance are reduced.

Application advantages

  • Diagnosis and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases
  • Monitoring of cardiovascular diseases as well as stratification of an intended cell therapy with stem and progenitor cells in order to regenerate vessels in ischemic tissue or to enhance the regeneration of dead tissue as with cardiac insufficiency.

Technology status

The method has been tested in a study with infarct patients at the university hospital Frankfurt.

A patent for Germany is applied for. National applications for Europe, USA, Canada and Japan are filed. Owner of patent is Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt.

Owner of patent

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt

Utilization concept

Licensing or assignment of the technology is possible as well as a cooperation for further development of the invention.

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