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Athenion is looking for proof-of-concept therapeutic, device, food and veterinary products

Organization name

Athenion GmbH


Athenion consists of a group of associated companies in Switzerland and Germany that develop and market exclusive worldwide license rights for innovative drugs and medical technologies. Founded and managed by a group of experienced professionals from science, industry and finance, Athenion combines the know-how and expertise necessary to transform scientific innovation into successful products.

Athenion offers a unique opportunity for inventors/patent owners with limited financial resources and/or access to global markets. A cooperation with Athenion will allow you to finance further development steps and to professionally market or out-license your product.

If you

  • have developed a new and promising product or technology in the field of drug research, medical technology, health care, food supplements or animal health,
  • have a proof-of-concept (animal studies, clinical data, prototype) for your invention
  • have a patent or patent application for your invention or are you still able to patent it on an international scale and
  • lack the know-how, industry contacts, legal assistance and money to successfully out-license or market your invention or intellectual property,

then a development and licensing collaboration with Athenion may be a good way to get your product to market efficiently and with a fair profit share. 

How we evaluate new inventions and products

For a first assessment of your product, technology or invention, please supply some general information about the field of use, developmental state (i.e. pre-clinical, clinical, prototype etc.), patent status and unique properties that distinguish your product or drug and put it ahead of current state of the art. This will allow us to make a first estimation of marketability, further investments needed and time frame for out-licensing or marketing of your product.

Since we base our business collaborations mutual benefit, trust and respect for your work, we are committed to protect your work and your intellectual property. We will treat all information that we receive from you as strictly confidential. In order to protect your know-how, please do not send any inventive details like chemical structures, construction or design details on first contact. The disclosure of such specific information could interfere with your ability to patent your invention. Before reviewing any detailed information we will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. This will protect the confidentiality of your data.

After signing a confidentiality agreement, we will make a thorough assessment and evaluation of your product or invention. This will give you and us a clear understanding whether there is a market for your invention, how big this market is, what developmental, documentary or regulatory work still needs to be done and what revenues or royalties can be expected in the future. Also we will analyze the patent situation of your invention and the competition by other patents or products. Based on these results, Athenion decides whether to make you an offer for a development and marketing cooperation.

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