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Basilea is seeking partnerships in drug resistance and dermatology

Organization name

Basilea Pharmaceutica business development


Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd. is an independent biopharmaceutical company focused on new antibacterial and antifungal agents to fight drug resistance and on the development of dermatology drugs.

Basilea's objective is to maintain a continuous pipeline of innovative candidates to meet the clinical need for products that have distinct advantages over available therapies, such as greater efficacy (e.g. cidal activity), especially against resistant organisms, and better safety, particularly decreased toxicity and risk of drug-drug interactions.

Basilea┬┤s core competencies in anti-infective research are genomics, enzyme kinetics, assay development to facilitate high-throughput screening, microbiology, medicinal chemistry and preclinical PK/PD modelling.

Their approach to generate a continuous pipeline of innovative products is based on:

  • focused optimization of compounds that belong to successful antibacterial classes,  
  • discovery of novel classes of antibiotic directed at new targets by screening compound libraries and microbial fermentation broth extracts, and by structure-based drug design,
  • modification of under-exploited antibacterial classes,  
  • and selective in-licensing and in-house optimization of validated lead compounds   

Basilea also possesses considerable assets in dermatology, including a collection of more than 300 retinoid and vitamin D analogs, and has extensive medicinal chemistry expertise in this field. These resources are being systematically explored using a network of collaborations to pursue research opportunities for several dermatological indications.

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