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A search for a company looking for a cancer, preclinical stage, synthetic opportunity would use the selection "Biomedicine, Diagnostics" in 'Sector', 'Cancerous, neoplasmatic' in 'Disease Category', 'Drugs, Small Molecule' in 'Technology' and 'Preclinical' in 'Development Stage'.

Selection of 'Enabling Technology, Platform technology' in 'Sector' will identify all kinds of searches for technologies that can be used in more areas of life sciences than pharmaceuticals only.

Each search profile gives the name or a short description of the company behind the search, and a link allowing to contact your potential licensee.

Registered users can create non-public notifications profiles which will inform them about new Technologies Searched entries fitting their expertise as specified. In addition these profiles allow them to filter the available information more comfortably.


Biopharm GmbH is interested in opportunities in Regenerative and Personalized Medicine and Growth Factor Platform Technology

Organization name

Biopharm GmbH


BIOPHARM GmbH is one of the pioneers in the research and development of biologics. Our platform technology of recombinant human growth factors combines our expertise and experience of more than 26 years with innovative applications in the field of orthopedics, dermatology and personalized medicine.


Establishing partnerships and alliances is a key business strategy of BIOPHARM. We are interested in partners who share our passion for innovation in Regenerative and Personalized Medicine and are interested to work with us to fully exploit the potential of our unique and proprietary Growth Factor Platform Technology and associated expertise.

Strategic Cooperation

We seek strategic cooperations with academic institutions and companies in the Biotech, Pharma and Med-Tech industry to constantly supply our technology and product pipeline and to have access to complementary technology and development capabilities. Technology Scouting BIOPHARM understands what it takes to successfully identify potential technologies and product concepts. We have the expertise and capabilities to assess and examine whether early-stage developments bear a product potential addressing key markets.

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