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Celldex Therapeutics is interested in oncology, infectious disease and auto-immune disorder therapeutics

Organization name

Celldex Therapeutics


Celldex is an innovative biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of targeted immunotherapies. Our core focus includes the use of tumor-specific targets, human monoclonal antibodies, and immune modulators as precision delivered therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases, which we call our Precision Targeted Immunotherapy approach. This includes the Antigen Presenting Cell Targeting Technology (APC Targeting Technology™) that utilizes proprietary human monoclonal antibodies to directly target specialized types of immune system cells known as antigen presenting cells or APCs - particularly dendritic cells.

We are using this approach, along with complementary technologies, to build a substantial pipeline of clinical development candidates that will address significant gaps in the treatment of many cancers, as well specific infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Celldex has a highly experienced management team to implement our near- and long-term objectives of advancing our pre-clinical and clinical development programs through late-stage development, at which time we intend to identify optimal commercialization partners to market our products. Celldex will continue to explore synergistic partnerships to enhance our clinical, research and commercial opportunities.

Celldex is interested in exploring collaborative discussions to leverage our portfolio of therapeutic product candidates, as well as development and commercialization partnerships around our on-going clinical programs. Our objective is to enter into partnerships that will enhance our mutual ability to advance novel science and accelerate the development of truly life-changing therapies for our patients.

Our current portfolio of clinical development candidates will also form the basis for co-development and commercialization partnerships, as Celldex intends to leverage the marketing and distribution capabilities of major pharmaceutical partners for our immunotherapies. Our broad intellectual property portfolio and scientific expertise will enable us to establish meaningful commercial relationships in our core areas of disease management – oncology, infectious disease and auto-immune disorders.

Celldex is currently seeking the following types of business partnerships:

  • Licensing partner to commercialize rindopepimut (CDX-110) in the markets outside of North America.
  • Preclinical R&D relationships using proprietary antigens and/or targets that could form the basis for an APC antibody-antigen targeted therapy.
  • Preclinical R&D or clinical relationships around the development of therapeutic antibodies, particularly with proprietary disease antigens supplied either by Celldex or from collaborative partners.

To effectively execute our business plan and develop novel products, we strongly believe in the mutual benefits that result from external collaborations with partners. Accordingly, Celldex has established a number of successful corporate, government and academic partnerships.

Our strategy is to demonstrate proof of concept for our products before leveraging their value through partnerships. We are confident that we offer a range of highly-innovative approaches to manipulating the human immune system to improve disease management and clinical outcomes and see exciting partnering opportunities for companies with strong immunotherapy franchises.

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