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Development partners for a sound-movement therapeutic application are needed

Organization name

Enterprise Europe Network


A German science-team is looking for partners for technical cooperation partners, mainly for further development and testing of new applications. The team is creating a therapeutic application for severly movement-restricted persons. One main objective is to turning expressive movement into music in a way that gives the user the sense of hearing ones body.

Therefore the team is searching for people involved in arts and psychology as well as in sensors and software sectors.


The idea is simple: If you can move, you can dance and make music. These are fundamental human needs and pleasures and they do not depend on how MUCH a person can move or with which body parts! Using motion-tracking-technology it is possible to generate sounds, music, poetry, etc. with any part of the body.

The university spin-off, an interdisciplinary team - build up by a choreographer, media-manager, composing specialist and physicist - has a large and long lasting experience in intercultural working groups and international cooperations.

Innovations and advantages of the offer

The smallest eye movements are enough for motion-tracking-technology-applications. But the research team wants to go further. Instead of already available market applications that translate movements into sounds, the research project is interested in turing expressive movement into music in a way that gives the user the sense of hearing ones body. This background implies various correlations of movement and sound and the question, how they affect the experience. It is focussing on stimulating, intuitive and even synesthetic coupling of sound and kinesthesia. This distinction is important, thus it has as much to do with art and psychology as sensors and software.

Current and Potential Domain of Application

  • Therapeutic applications for severly movement-restricted persons
  • Computer games integrating art and/or psychology and/or sensoric controlled interactions
  • Museum and event management

Current Stage of Development

Development phase - Laboratory tested

Collaboration Type

  • Joint further development
  • Testing of new applications


Type of partner sought: Univerity, SMEs, artists

Specific area of activity of the partner: Creative Industries; stakeholders in the field of psychology and music-therapy.

Task to be performed by the partner sought: Further development and collaboration inputs as well as the testing of new applications in order to realize modulized therapy sets

Ref: 11 DE 093I 3MQQ

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