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Selection of 'Enabling Technology, Platform technology' in 'Sector' will identify all kinds of searches for technologies that can be used in more areas of life sciences than pharmaceuticals only.

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European ScreeningPort is looking for new targets for the identification of novel leads

Organization name

European ScreeningPort GmbH


ScreeningPort is pioneering a cost-effective, scalable `Discovery Solution´ for the European biomedical research community. Their goal is to transform the exciting new science, taking place at the benchtops of Europe´s academic laboratories, into chemical tools and high quality assets of explicit value to potential major Pharma partners and - ultimately - to patients. 

The inputs at ScreeningPort are novel or under-exploited therapeutic targets with great potential, but which are unattractive to Pharma because they may lack either tractable lead series or supporting clinical proof of concept (PoC) data. Outputs range from tool compounds for mechanistic studies and PoC programs, through to high quality drug-like lead compounds suitable for progression to the pre-clinical candidates stage.

European ScreeningPort's status as a Public-Private Partnership gives them great flexibility in how to initiate, create, develop and deliver projects with academic collaborators.

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