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Selection of 'Enabling Technology, Platform technology' in 'Sector' will identify all kinds of searches for technologies that can be used in more areas of life sciences than pharmaceuticals only.

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Ferring is seeking late stage products in the area of infertility, obstetrics and gynaecology

Organization name

Ferring business development


Ferring´s primary business development objective is to strengthen the company´s existing core therapeutic areas through global in-licensing and acquisitions.

In addition, a key strategic objective is to grow their existing business in the United States. To that end Ferring is looking to pursue its business goals by building alliances with other companies or acquiring new products. In particular the company is interested in late stage products (phase III) as well as products already marketed globally and regionally.

Ferring´s Senior Vice President of R&D Planning and Technology Transfer leads the evaluation of R&D opportunities in pre-phase III development and consults with other relevant Ferring divisions. In addition, this unit leads the out-licensing process of Ferring's early stage compounds. Details can be found online at thr URL given below.

Ferring is actively seeking products in the area of infertility, obstetrics and gynaecology.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • preterm labour
  • induction of labour or cervical ripening, and
  • post partum haemorrhage.

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