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Fina Biotech is looking for opportunities in cardiology, oncology, neurology and cell therapy

Organization name

Fina Biotech


FINA BIOTECH (formerly, INDAS BIOTECH), founded in 2002, is a spin-off of LABORATORIOS INDAS. Our mission is to select, finance, conduct, develop and market biotechnology projects.

We believe in the great potential of the Spanish researchers. Proof of this confidence can be found in the 28 projects that FINA BIOTECH has undertaken since 2002, with an investment of over €10 million, in partnership with public and private institutions, laboratories and universities, all of them Spanish.

The main areas in which we have invested are:

  • Autologous adult stem cell therapy: cardiac regeneration after myocardial infarction, sphincter regeneration in urinary incontinence, bone regeneration (arthrodesis) and brain tissue regeneration after hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Anti-glioblastoma therapy.
  • Cancer diagnosis/prognosis: bladder, prostate, colon, breast and lung cancer.
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: F-12 TM, risk of restenosis markers.
  • Fertility: HALOSPERM TM.
  • Liver damage markers.

At FINA BIOTECH, we are interested in developing kits for the diagnosis, prognosis and measurement of treatment resistance in different diseases, as well as in cell and antitumor therapy. Below is a breakdown of our projects by area:

  • 14 projects in oncology: diagnosis/prognosis and therapy.
  • 6 projects dealing with cardiovascular diseases.
  • 4 cell therapy projects.
  • 2 projects focused on Alzheimer’s disease.
  • 1 infertility project.
  • 1 project dealing with markers for liver damage.

The projects we conduct in relation to diagnostic kits encompass both genomic and proteomic techniques.

After contacting hospitals, universities, R&D centers and other biotechnology companies:

  • We evaluate and select the projects of greatest interest: we have an independent scientific advisory committee and perform a commercial viability study.
  • We sign a contract with the relevant institution (industrial liaison office, hospital management, etc.) to carry out the chosen projects.
  • We provide 100% of the funding requested for the approved projects.
  • We obtain patents and/or licenses to market the finished products worldwide.

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