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in-licensing antibody opportunities in oncology and fibrosis

Organization name

London BioScience Innovation Centre


Northern Biologics is a well-capitalized Canadian pharmaceutical company. The company is scouting for in-licensing opportunities in the oncology and fibrosis area, and is specifically looking for preclinical monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). The specific criteria is:

  • Oncology
    • All tumor types
    • Interested in primary tumor regression only – not reduction of metastases etc
    • mAbs targeting the tumor microenvironment (especially stroma, CAFs, etc) are of very high interest
    • mAbs requiring combinations with existing agents are still of interest
  • Fibrosis
    • Lung (IPF) and renal fibrosis are of highest interest
    • Liver, myelofibrosis, scleroderma also of interest
  • Stage
    • Of most interest for is in vivo efficacy with a final candidate – little to no optimization required (e.g. affinity maturation, humanization)
    • Also need to see data that mAb has been scaled up with few developability liabilities
  • Differentiation
    • The more differentiated the better
    • Novel targets and mAbs are of very high interest – the company is very willing to take risks on novel biology
    • Known/validated targets are acceptable, unless there are already several clinical competitors
    • Naked antibodies with known/validated formats are best
    • Alternative scaffolds and formats (e.g. bispecifics) are acceptable, as long as the scaffold has been used in humans
    • ADC are of interest only if cynomolgus tox data is available

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