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Ipsen is seeking partnerships in oncology

Organization name

Ipsen business development


Ipsen is a European pharmaceutical group with over 20 products on the market and a total worldwide staff of nearly 4,000.

The company's development strategy is based on a combination of products in targeted therapeutic areas (oncology, endocrinology and neuromuscular disorders) which are growth drivers, and primary care products which contribute significantly to its research financing. This strategy is also supported by an active policy of partnerships. The Group complements implementation of its internal Research and Development programme by entering into partnership agreements with university teams and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. These partnerships help the Group to gain access to cutting-edge technologies in complex areas of expertise.

The Group is constantly looking to forge high-quality, complementary and longlasting marketing and Research and Development partnerships.

Ipsen's technology programmes in peptide and protein engineering and medical chemistry enable it to explore and develop new approaches in cancer treatment under hormonal control, such as:

  • key enzyme inhibitors in the biosynthesis of steroids
  • growth factors, notably including prolactins, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, Mullerian Inhibiting Substance
  • enzymes regulating cell cycles (notably phosphatases).

These research programmes are conducted internally with assistance from university and industry specialists.

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