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Lilly is looking for opportunities in Diabetes

Organization name

Global External Research & Development Lilly Research Laboratories Eli Lilly and Company



The vision at Lilly Research Laboratories, of which Global External R&D is a part, is a commitment to discovering, developing and acquiring innovative medicines to improve outcomes for individual patients.

Lilly was one of the pioneers of diabetes care, manufacturing the first vials of Insulin for patients with diabetes. Today, they remain competitive with innovative treatment options, having a portfolio of commercially successful products and promising pipeline opportunities. They're collaborating with others to bring improved treatment options to a growing population of patients with diabetes.

They are particularly interested in:

  • Biologicals or orals "Glucose plus" agents that lower HbA1c and aid weight loss or reduce cardiovascular risk factors ( lower blood pressure, raise HDL, lower LDL, etc.)
  • Therapies with human efficacy data that slow or reverse diabetic complications, e.g., diabetic nephropathy
  • Novel insulin sensitizers, secretagogues or best-in-class agents
  • Targets/pathways that have the potential to affect multiple underlying defects.
  • Therapies for the treatment of endocrine diseases with an unmet medical need

Pathway priortities:

  • Improve Insulin secretion /beta cell related biomarkers
  • Islet health, beta cell protection
  • Lower insulin resistance
  • Lower hepatic glucose output

Currently out of scope

  • Nutraceuticals

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