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Lilly is looking for opportunities in Emerging Markets

Organization name

Global External Research & Development Lilly Research Laboratories Eli Lilly and Company


Emerging Markets

The vision at Lilly Research Laboratories, of which Global External R&D is a part, is a commitment to discovering, developing and acquiring innovative medicines to improve outcomes for individual patients.

At Lilly, they recognize both the patient needs that exist in rapidly growing emerging markets around the world, including China, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea and Turkey, among others. Aiming to increase their presence in these countries, they're seeking partners to help them serve the many unmet medical needs facing these nations.

Who they are

  • More than 5,600 employees
  • Affiliates in 70+ countries
  • $2.1 billion in sales - 10% of worldwide sales
  • Well-balanced and diversified portfolio
  • Over past five years, launched 15 new molecular entities (NMEs) or new indications/line extensions (NILEX)

Emerging Markets Vision

  • To improve individual patient outcomes by bringing needed medicines and health care solutions tailored for patients in the emerging markets.
  • They will build Lilly's business for tomorrow, today.

To do this, they will:

  • Speed innovation that addresses the unique needs of our customers.
  • Be strong patient advocates to help patients achieve improved health outcomes.
  • Focus initially on China, Russia, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, India, and Turkey, which are key to ultimately driving success across all Emerging Markets.
  • Form partnerships that will help them deliver innovative medicines with integrity and excellence.

They are particularly interested in:

Geographic Priorities:

  • China
    Explore all manner of partnerships in diabetes, oncology, neuroscience, and anti-infectives including M&A, licensing of novel molecules, as well as branded generics
  • Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Korea
    Focus on strategic partnerships with the most focus on diabetes. To a lesser extent they will explore M&A, licensing and branded generics in oncology and neuroscience.
  • Asia, Middle East, Latin America
    Focus on strategic partnerships with an emphasis on diabetes. Expand their strategy to realize untapped opportunities in oncology and neuroscience.

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