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Lilly is looking for opportunities in Technologies

Organization name

Global External Research & Development Lilly Research Laboratories Eli Lilly and Company



The vision at Lilly Research Laboratories, of which Global External R&D is a part, is a commitment to discovering, developing and acquiring innovative medicines to improve outcomes for individual patients.

The mission of Global External R&D New Technologies is to identify and objectively assess external opportunities according to Lilly's strategic needs in order to enable informed investment decisions and robust implementation plans, while building a relationship with their potential partners. Global External R&D New Technologies will partner effectively in managing both the exchange of information and business processes to deliver high quality, cost-effective, improved outcomes for patients.

Drug discovery functional areas:

  • Discovery Chemistry
  • IT / Informatics
  • Quantitative and Integrative Biology
  • In vivo Pharmacology
  • Drug Disposition and Toxicology
  • Pharmaceutical Development
  • Drug Delivery Systems

Technology needs:

  • PET-labeling of proteins
  • Half-life extension of antibodies, peptides and proteins
  • Yeast expression and production systems
  • Antibody Fab production systems
  • Early identification of high expressing cell lines
  • Glycosylation technologies
  • Bi-specific/ multi-functional technologies: mAb/ alternative scaffolds
  • Peptide chemistry space: semi-synthetic, recombinant and conjugation chemistry
  • Site-Specific Chemical Modification of Protein Research: PEG replacement technologies
  • Biomarkers (identification → validation → assay development → commercialization)
  • Clinically annotated human tissues and biobanks
  • In vivo delivery of shRNAi
  • Development of in vivo imaging reagents
  • Stem cells as drug discovery tools
  • Mechanism of Action Assays for Kinases
  • Fragment-Based Screening
  • Antibodies (phosphor-antibodies) for monitoring cell signaling
  • Outsourcing:
    • “Omics” data generation and analysis
    • Quantitative mass spectrometry assays
    • Protein expression and purification
  • Predictive biomarkers of any nature (e.g., genetic, proteomics, metabolic, other biochemical, biological, morphological
  • Predictive animal models
  • Ion channel Technologies
  • in vitro data analysis tools
  • Translational informatics
  • Data integration
  • Genetic data management
  • Collaboration technologies
  • Semantic Web technologies
  • Text analytics
Drug Delivery
  • Molecule and particle engineering technologies
  • Novel/ novel drug combinations in Oncology
  • Long-acting (extended release) molecule and formulation technologies
  • Delivery devices (novel parenteral delivery concepts and alternative delivery routes)
  • Oral modified release — new concepts
  • Nanomedicines and pharmaceutical nanodelivery technologies
  • Targeted delivery technologies
  • Drug delivery manufacturing technologies
Product Development
  • Bioprocess Development
    • Protein expression / production technology
    • Cell culture
    • Purification processes
  • Formulation design
    • BBB: Delivering large proteins to the brain
    • Economical, scaleable formulations
  • Packaging
    • Engineering
    • Improved barrier materials
    • Improved process for barriers (sealing, forming, etc.)
  • Small scale process modeling
  • Manufacturing
    • Green Chemistry
    • Reducing costs of CT Manufacturing
  • Adaptive clinical trial design
  • Predicting Crystallization
  • Patient Center-Product Design
    • Compliance Technologies (including Packaging)
    • Innovation to meet needs of special groups (i.e. elderly, handicap)
    • Tailored Therapeutics
  • Novel biomarkers to determine efficacy/drug response to therapies, patient population stratification, PK-PD relationships, safety monitoring, and acceleration of clinical trials
  • Predictions of human PK and drug-drug interactions from in vitro results (disease state modeling)
  • Transporters: robust and sensitive substrate and inhibitor assays of the clinically significant uptake and export transporters
  • Immunohistochemistry: Tissue distribution of targets and using antibodies as pharmacodynamic markers of target activation/inhibition
  • Predictive Animal Models
  • High throughput and quantitative imaging technologies for drug development
  • Clinically annotated human tissues and biobanks

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