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A search for a company looking for a cancer, preclinical stage, synthetic opportunity would use the selection "Biomedicine, Diagnostics" in 'Sector', 'Cancerous, neoplasmatic' in 'Disease Category', 'Drugs, Small Molecule' in 'Technology' and 'Preclinical' in 'Development Stage'.

Selection of 'Enabling Technology, Platform technology' in 'Sector' will identify all kinds of searches for technologies that can be used in more areas of life sciences than pharmaceuticals only.

Each search profile gives the name or a short description of the company behind the search, and a link allowing to contact your potential licensee.

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Merck & Co. is seeking opportunities in oncology

Organization name

Merck & Co., Inc.


Our Licensing leadership team understands both the science and business aspects of each partnership. Each leader brings energy and an entrepreneurial spirit to our licensing efforts. We offer flexibility and creativity in negotiations and focus on forging a customized agreement that meets your unique needs and helps bring your discovery to fruition so that all involved may benefit.

At Merck, we share your passion for developing breakthrough vaccines and medicines that advance human health. We are inspired by your discoveries and we want to work with you to bring your innovation from bench to bedside.

Favorable Licensing Candidates

We're interested in:

  • Novel patented compounds
  • Targets with proof of concept
  • Molecules with a defined mechanism of action or testable hypothesis'
  • Technologies with patent protection that provide a competitive advantage

Late-stage clinical compounds with proven therapeutic value (phase IIb or beyond) are of interest in any therapeutic area.

In the field of oncology their interests are:

  • Late-stage clinical
    • Must demonstrate clinical benefits (improvements in clinical end points or safety profile) based on results from a Phase IIB program
    • Clinical data in medium to large market solid tumor indications or hematological malignancies
    • Global or regional deals (US, EU, and / or Asia Pacific)
  • Early-stage (up to and including clinical POC)
    • Agents that have synergy with Merck Oncology pipeline therapies in clinical development; agents that have a well-defined responder ID strategy
    • Agents that have efficacy in tumors that are resistant to SOC therapy (preclinical POC data or Ph I data with a clear registration strategy)

They are not interested in (applies to Early and Late Stages):

  • Preventive care
  • Personalized immunotherapy / autologous therapies
  • Gene therapy
  • Intra-tumoral delivery (except for RNAi delivery)
  • Radio-pharmaceuticals

Merck's scouts are stationed around the globe and easily within reach to discuss new opportunities. As part of the same biomedical community, they speak your language. Our scientific scouts work with you to determine if your discovery aligns with our areas of interests. If it does, they'll help channel your discovery through to the next step, where it is reviewed by our internal experts. Together, we can combine our expertise and technological abilities to bring your discovery from bench to bedside.

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