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Merck Inc is seeking opportunities in biologics, urology, gynecology and osteoporosis

Organization name

Merck & Co., Inc.


Our Licensing leadership team understands both the science and business aspects of each partnership. Each leader brings energy and an entrepreneurial spirit to our licensing efforts. We offer flexibility and creativity in negotiations and focus on forging a customized agreement that meets your unique needs and helps bring your discovery to fruition so that all involved may benefit.

At Merck, we share your passion for developing breakthrough vaccines and medicines that advance human health. We are inspired by your discoveries and we want to work with you to bring your innovation from bench to bedside.


Areas of Interest:

  • Biosimilars
  • Novel biologics and biobetters that fit franchise strategies
  • Novel devices for SQ and IV delivery

Technologies of Interest:

  • Fc engineering to enhance / improve effector functions, half-life
  • Targeted delivery technologies that:
    • Address / overcome the blood brain barrier
    • Glycan mediated targeting
  • Technologies that enhance expression, production, formulation, stability, and bioavailability (via SQ admin) of proteins
  • Platforms for the identification, generation, and modification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs, Fabs, scFvs) to ion channels
  • Platforms for the generation and modification of engineered proteins displaying pharmaceutical properties
  • High throughput antibody screening
    • especially functional screens

Not Interested in:

  • Transgenic animal-based or plant-based production systems for therapeutics


Areas of Interest:

  • Osteoanabolic agents
    • Novel mechanisms with known molecular target (prefer clinical POC data)
    • Novel delivery for well-validated targets (eg, PTH) with clinical data to demonstrate a differentiated profile

Not Interested in:

  • Nutraceuticals or natural product mixtures
  • Growth hormone or secretagogues for osteoporosis
  • ER alpha modulators for osteoporosis
  • Classic antiresorptive agents, including bisphosphonates with improved formulations that allow less frequent dosing or better tolerability for osteoporosis
  • Compounds with unknown molecular target unless clinical POC exists


Areas of Interest:

  • Novel therapies for OAB (Human POC or greater)
  • Novel therapies for stress urinary incontinence (Phase I or greater)
  • Novel therapies for BPH (Human POC or greater)
  • Biomarkers
    • Surrogate biomarkers of bladder dysfunction
    • Imaging approaches for indices of bladder function, including control of bladder function
  • Diagnostics to improve specificity of diagnosing OAB from stress incontinence
  • Diagnostics to predict response or nonresponse to therapy including anticholinergics or other mechanisms of action

Not Interested in:

  • Anticholinergics for OAB (unless Phase III or later)
  • 5α reductase inhibitors for BPH
  • Alpha-1 adrenergic blockers for BPH

Contraception and Fertility

Areas of Interest:

  • Compounds with a differentiated product profile and with completed Phase IIB data for female contraception
  • Compounds or Biologics with a differentiated product profile and with completed Phase IIB data for treatment of female infertility

Not Interested in:

  • Basic research collaborations towards validation of novel targets for contraception or infertility treatment
  • Male contraception
  • Emergency contraception
  • Progestagens for luteal support
  • Obstetrics

Other Areas of Women's Health

Not Interested in (unless in Phase III or later):

Compounds, biologics, medications, and / or treatments in the following areas are outside strategy unless in Phase III with a differentiated product profile

  • Endometriosis
  • Menopausal complaints
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Female sexual dysfunction
  • Dysmenorrhea

Merck's scouts are stationed around the globe and easily within reach to discuss new opportunities. As part of the same biomedical community, they speak your language. Our scientific scouts work with you to determine if your discovery aligns with our areas of interests. If it does, they'll help channel your discovery through to the next step, where it is reviewed by our internal experts. Together, we can combine our expertise and technological abilities to bring your discovery from bench to bedside.

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