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Mundipharma Research is interested in pain, oncology and respiratory diseases

Organization name

Mundipharma Research Ltd.


Mundipharma Research is a young, dynamic company wholly dedicated to the research and development of highly effective and innovative medications. Based in Europe (in Cambridge, England, and Limburg, Germany), we work on behalf of our independent associated companies and in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to bring medications to both the European and the global market.

We carry out early and late-stage pre-commercial development. This involves pre-clinical research, pharmaceutical development, clinical development (Phase I to Phase III), drug safety, application for Marketing Authorisation and scientific support to marketed products.

We invite you to discover Mundipharma Research, a dynamic, ambitious company that has committed itself entirely to the research and development of innovative medications. We operate both in Europe and on the international stage.

The way we work is characterised by a coherent set of values, excellence in research and development, and a culture in which people are expected to take responsibility and to operate to the highest ethical standards.

We develop innovative medications for the needs of patients. Both for today and in the future. To live up to this claim, we don't just rest on our laurels. An important factor of our work is active participation in scientific events, setting up a dialogue with researchers and doctors, so that we don’t loose sight of patients’ needs.

We, at Mundipharma Research

  • constantly exchange scientific information and work closely together with academic workgroups at universities.
  • maintain effective communication with investigators and designated specialists in different areas of expertise.
  • cooperate with highly specialised biotech companies with which we are working on the development of new products.
  • are in active contact with the CROs and their monitors who carry out our studies for us.
  • regularly communicate with doctors and also with patients to find out their actual desires and needs.
  • have active discussions with the authorities.
We want our medications to set standards. That is why we focus on three indication fields: pain, oncology and respiratory. In these fields, we possess outstanding scientific expertise which we apply according to the highest ethical standards with the objective of developing innovative medications that are tailored to the requirements of patients and doctors.

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