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Oncomatrix S.L. looking for SMEs as Consortium members to apply for EU "Research for benefits of SMEs" grant program

Organization name

Oncomatrix S.L.


Oncomatrix, a Spanish biopharma company focused on the development of stroma-targeted personalized medicines for the treatment of invasive stages of cancer, is planning to apply to the EU - Research for the Benefits of SMEs program (open call).

Oncomatrix will be coordinating the project, and will also be in charge of the development of Cystatin-C, the generation of anti-Endoglin human antibodies and corresponding plant RIP toxin-based immunotoxins, up to completion of preclinical efficacy testing.

We are currently looking for an SME partner to complement the consortium, whose profile should be preferentially an SME with expertise in the development of cytotoxic small molecules for oncologic application, with at least one candidate presenting positive efficacy results in breast cancer in vivo models. During the project, this SME will be able to maintain its development pipeline, and in parallel, will provide the candidates to be conjugated to anti-Endoglin human antibodies and further tested in vivo in relevant mouse models for breast cancer.

The aim of the project we want to present is to develop new biologic TGFβ antagonists and corresponding companion diagnostic tools, for the personalized treatment of invasive stages of breast cancer.

To achieve this objective, new treatments based on Cystatin-C, a natural human protein ligand of TGF-beta receptor II, and anti-Endoglin antibody drug conjugates and immunotoxins will be developed. Companion kits based on these two TGFβ inhibitor proteins will be developed to stratify the patient population to be treated and further monitor their treatment.

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