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PVC urinary catheter surfaces with a hydrophilic, biocompatible, durable and highly lubricious coating

Organization name

Enterprise Europe Network


A Turkish medical device manufacturing company is working on a project to modify PVC urinary catheter surfaces with a hydrophilic, bio-compatible, durable and highly lubricious coating. Partners experienced in surface modifications and developing coating solutions are sought.

The Turkish company is also open for licensing agreements with the technology providers.


Intermittent catheterization is the temporary insertion of a catheter to remove urine from the body. People suffering from neurological disorders or who have undergone certain surgeries where the urethra is blocked required this catheterization for certain frequencies in a day. A friction may occur between the catheter surface and the urethra walls. Generally, when bare catheters are used, a lubricating jelly may be preferred to decrease the friction, but in this case, a risk may occur for the residuals of the jelly during the application.

The continuous catheterization may result in some major problems, such as:

  • injury to the urethra caused by rough insertion of the catheter
  • adherence to the urethral mucosa (sticky catheters), which is related with the dry-out of the catheter during the application
  • infections

With a bio-compatible, durable and highly lubricous hydrophilic coating, the adherence and dry-out of the catheters may be overcome. The Turkish company is looking for such coating to be applied on catheter surfaces.

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements of the request

The coating will be used for catheter surface applications and should be bio-compatible, durable and highly lubricous hydrophilic coating. The coating may have antibacterial additives incorporated into it, which reduce the infections as an added value.

Current and Potential Domain of Application

PVC urinary catheter surfaces 

Collaboration Type

  • License Agreement
  • Joint further development
  • Testing of new applications
  • Adaptation to specific needs


Type of partner sought: R&D Center, University, SME or Large Enterprises

Specific area of activity of the partner: Medical Biomaterials, Bio-compatibla functional coatings

Task to be performed by the partner sought: Provide an existing technology via licensing or technical co-operation with the company for developing the technology.

Ref: 12 TR 99PD 3PFI

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