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RTI is looking for compound libraries for a free, confidential screening for anti-TB activity

Organization name

RTI International


RTI International (RTI) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the human condition through innovative research and effective technical assistance. Established in 1958, RTI is the second largest nonprofit research organization in the United States.

For more than 30 years, RTI has provided technology assessment and commercialization services for government and industry and has conducted research and development that addresses global health needs.  

As part of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) TB Drug Development Program, RTI actively facilitates partnerships between biotechnology companies, research labs, foundations, and international organizations to cooperatively develop, test, and introduce new drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB).

NIAID has established a consortium of drug discovery and development resources that serve to:  

  • Stimulate biotechnology company investment in TB drug development.
  • Reduce risks and costs associated with the development process.

NIAID supports these efforts through its own laboratory research as well as through support to universities and other research organizations. All groups collaborate with industry to integrate drug development expertise in the programs.    

RTI is supported by NIAID to assist biotechnology companies by providing:  

  • Access to free, confidential screening services to test anti-infective compound libraries for anti-TB activity. NIAID services for nonclinical and clinical development may also be available for promising lead compounds.
  • Assistance in identifying and establishing discussions with partners to aid in the development of a promising anti-TB compound. These partnerships may represent either licensing or joint development opportunities.
  • Comparisons of the technical data between a promising lead compound and other TB drugs.
  • Recommendations for high-priority, near-term development activities.

RTI offers free, confidential screening of anti-infective compound libraries for anti-TB activity. Promising leads from these screens may result in licensing or co-development agreements where to NIAID resources for nonclinical and clinical development is available. 

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