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Silence Therapeutics is seeking partnerships in RNAi

Organization name

Silence Therapeutics


Silence Therapeutics plc (LSE: SLN) is a leader in the discovery, development and delivery of novel RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics for the treatment of serious diseases.

The company possesses one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated RNAi therapeutic platforms comprised of proprietary delivery technologies, potent siRNA sequences and innovative siRNA structural features – the three areas the company believes to be critical to building, protecting and commercializing RNAi therapeutics. This platform is protected by Silence’s strong intellectual property portfolio which includes more than 200 issued and pending patent applications worldwide.

Additionally, Silence is a clear leader in the development of RNAi clinical candidates, possessing a pipeline that includes a total of five different internal and partnered programs in the clinic.  With at least half of the siRNA programs currently in clinical development worldwide based on Silence's technology, the company’s clinical pipeline validates not only the strength of the company's proprietary technology but also the team of researchers that has guided the development path.

A final key validation of Silence’s leadership position in RNAi is the company’s multiple major partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies. The partnerships with companies such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer/Quark Pharma and Dainippon Sumitomo further demonstrate the credibility of Silence’s technologies.

Silence believes that the company’s comprehensive RNAi therapeutic platform can support and advance multiple partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry across a diverse range of therapeutic opportunities. In particular, the company’s broad range of complementary siRNA delivery technologies allows Silence to offer potential partners a choice of solutions for the delivery of RNAi molecules to diseased tissue - one of the main challenges in the emerging field of RNAi therapeutics. 

The company’s unique RNAi therapeutic platform has drawn the attention of many leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide and Silence is actively engaged in partnering discussions spanning a range of new and exciting development opportunities.

Silence is seeking partners that will be instrumental in accelerating the company’s pipeline of RNAi therapeutic candidates. The company seeks to provide licenses for research and drug development on a target by target basis.

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